Recent Dives

Last week’s finds:


ROYGBIVegetables. And those are just the scrubbed veggies.

Still more to clean up:


This week’s finds:


We only went to 3 dumpsters, but we got a TON of stuff. This is just a portion of it.


Also got a bunch of bagged salad mix, veggies (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower), and slaw mix. All in perfectly edible condition. And we found two bags of pistachios (score!), several boxes of chocolate covered peanuts, and a couple boxes of a nuts/dried fruit mix. Crazy.




So much delicious food. Can you believe this is all supposed to be rotting away in a landfill right now? Not even compost to grow more food with. A landfill. Pure waste.

We also got a can of spaghetti sauce and a can of dog food which is probably being eaten by my friend’s cats right now. Eat up, kittens! Even cats can be little anarchist freegans!

Want to get involved with Wilmington’s Food Not Bombs? Just click here and get started!


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