Waste Not, Want Not

Delicious vegan meals straight from the dumpster!

Every year in the US nearly 100 billion pounds of edible food are sent to landfills by retailers, restaurants, and consumers. It’s also estimated that only about 4 billion pounds of food would be necessary to eliminate hunger in America.

Don’t get me wrong, a huge pot of dumpster veggie soup is delicious, but with Trashy Gourmet I hope to show that dumpsters offer an endless array of options for your culinary delight. So start diving, get cooking, and stuff your face while you help save the world! Eating against capitalism tastes so good.


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    scantron said,

    luv you!

  2. 2

    Karma said,

    somebody told me a place in town gave away bread. anybody know where that is? bread (other than bagels and donuts) is a lucky find for me.

    • 3

      trashygourmet said,

      i think there’s a church or something over by greenfield lake on 5th that gives out bread. never been there though…

  3. 4

    Dean said,


    fellow food not bombers and freegans give sex advice!! love your blog btw

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